We have grand ambitions at DermBiont, and we are seeking self-starters who are passionate about curing skin diseases and want to join our team to meaningfully change the lives of patients. Interested candidates may send a resume to: careers@dermbiont.com or contact us.


DermBiont’s Core Values

  1. We are revolutionizing the treatment and prevention of skin diseases by harnessing the microbiome.

  2. We strive to be recognized for our honesty, candor, and doing the right thing.

  3. We value the dignity of our patients, partners, and employees.

  4. We passionately debate, but always with respect for others.

  5. The right answer to the wrong question never helps the process.

  6. We continuously challenge our assumptions and adapt based on new data.

  7. We acknowledge that we will make mistakes and use them as opportunities to learn.